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Well, Halloween is quickly coming this year and it’s almost that time again when you decide what you are going to be wearing for your next Halloween party. Past Halloween have seen all of the characters which you usually see such as the Witches, Werewolves, Zombies and vampires, so it’s time we tried something a little bit different.

This year your kids are going to be looking to “outdo” their friends in the costume they wear so why not get them something they are really going to love, a Kids Clown costume for Halloween.

Kids Clown Costume

The kids clown costume to the right of this page is probably one of the most popular kids clown costumes there is, it comes complete with everything you’re little one is going to need to look great and start clowning around this Halloween season. This popular clown costume includes the attached bow tie and shirt you see in the picture as well as the multi-coloured jacket and matching pants to boot.

The costume is finished off well with a few great accessories which include the clown hat.

To fully complete this costume it’s recommended that you add a coloured wig and a big pair of oversized clown shoes.

evil-kids-clown-costumeEvil Kids Clown Costume

This costume is perfect for your little nippa this year, it’s hilariously horrifying in so many ways. You can be sure that when they put this costume on this year they will have no trouble looking much better than all of their friends and they will feel really great. They will be able to give their mates a good scare this year.

This particular kids clown costume is sure to make others laugh as well as jump at the same time when your child turns up to the next fancy dress Halloween party in this costume and clown mask.

This costume comes complete with everything they are going to need to look frightfully cool this year. The bottom half of the costume includes black pants which have a red and black stripy colored bottoms to them. The top half is perfectly matched with a black top which has a red and black striped underlay and a jagged neckline. This scary Halloween costume is completely nicely with an evil clown mask which has a big evil smile, bright orange hair, a big red nose and large gruesome eyes.

This costume is available in the usual child sizes of small, medium, large and x-large and has fast shipping attached to it.

Psyco Kids Clown Costumepsycho-kids-clown-costume

This Clown child costume is a perfect twist on the evil clown costume shown above and in many ways it actually looks a lot cooler than the other one, it’s also a little more cheeky and a little more scary looking.

This costume will transform any little cherub into a little horror this year, perfect for the next Halloween party. The top and bottom halves of this costume come in a black and white striped pattern, giving an evil twist on the usually colorful clown outfits. The neckline of the top features some little decorative skulls which finish the top off nicely.

The costume comes complete with an eerie kids clown mask which boats bright orange hair, a large evil smile, big dark eyes and a big red nose.

This costume is available to pre-order now before Halloween and comes in the usually children’s sizes.

last-laugh-kids-clown-costumeLast Laugh Clown Child Costume

Your child is certainly going to be the last one laughing if they wear this costume to their next fancy dress party this Halloween. This clowns antics are going to be hilarious ti him but scary to the people around him.

This Last Laugh Clown costume is probably the best out of the three kids clown costumes available this year. It comes complete with the black and white checkered pants, a red top which has a large black bow tie, buttons and yellow jagged edge sleeves. It’s nicely completed with an evil clown mask which has bright red hair, a large red clowns nose, evil black eyes and a large skeleton smile.

Perfect for Halloween!!!

There have been many evil clowns in popular culture and movies, you only need to look at some of the films out there from the past. Just some of the characters including the Joker clown from Batman, IT clown from Stephen King’s IT, Sweet Tooth from the video game Twisted metal and many more.

Just like the movie culture surrounding evil clowns, the same can also be said for the popularity of the Evil Jester Costume Jesters were originally around in the Medieval times as entertainers for very wealthy and well known people, they were never evil. The concept of the evil jester seemed to take off after the late 1980’s which was following the release of the massively popular Tim Burton movie, Batman. The Batman film sees the Joker (an evil jester/clown) as the arched enemy of the Batman, played originally by Jack Nicholson. It was after that point in time that the jester was no longer seen as the licensed fool but as the evil jester we know today.